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Recently, we had a patient reluctantly cancel their appointments because they are a high risk for COVID-19. She didn't want to because she had so much improvement and was worried she was going to backslide if she didn't continue. She was even more worried that her community fitness center was also closed. You see, it wasn't too long ago not doing PT and not going to the gym was normal for her, but her knee pain and low back pain finally urged her to make significant changes to her lifestyle. Now it was being taken away and she didn't want to go back to that place again, so she asked us what she should do.

We informed her that our practice now offers telehealth visits. This allows us to help her in the comfort, convenience, AND safety of her own home. She was quiet for a bit. "How can you help me? You won't be able to do massage or hands-on work." We assured her, "Truthfully, massage and hands-on therapy is only a small part of your appointment. The work we do that gives you the lasting relief and eventual independence from your back and knee pain are the specific exercises and movements we prescribe you based on our assessment of your condition." She was quiet again as she realized how much relief she gets on her own when she is diligently doing the exercises we give her.

She was definitely interested in telehealth now that she was better informed, but she did have another concern. She was nervous about the "technology" aspect, which is something that's totally understandable because it can be daunting to think about. I asked her, "Can you use a mouse to click on a link we send to your email?" It really IS that easy! We have taken great care to make the entire process painless for you and more importantly, effective.

Telehealth is a great choice right now as we try to limit person to person contact to reduce exposure to COVID-19. Telehealth will also be a great choice moving forward for many patients who find they are limited by transport, long work hours, childcare, travel often, live far from the clinic, or live in a place with adverse weather conditions. 

With our Telehealth service, you'll receive:

  • Up to 40 minutes of one on one time with our providers
  • Assessments, plans, and exercises prescribed by providers
  • Reduced exposure
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