Nick Hunter PT, DPT - Owner

Are you a HAPPY person who likes to LEARN and GROW and who has a PASSION for helping people make better decisions about their health- then we would love to talk about HIRING you to a full-time SALES/ADMIN position with growth potential.

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Preferred Physical Therapy is a PT owned and operated out-patient orthopedic clinic located in Glendale, Arizona.

We are a team of energetic and positive team members dedicated to enriching the patient experience from the moment we enter into their lives.

If you are someone with a GROWTH mentality, eager to learn and help change people's lives,
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I'm Offering...
  • Full Time Position with a competitive hourly rate of $12-16 / hour depending on experience

  • On-site training, though proficient computer experience is expected. Meaning you should be proficient with google, microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, how to send emails and manage a computer either PC or MAC, facebook, instragram, youtube, etc.

  • Fun and energetic work place to which you will contribute. Maintaining a "glass is half-full mentality."

  • Comfortable working environment free of gossip, drama, ego, and a "that's not my job" mentality.

  • Growth opportunities that will be based on regular performance reviews that shows your committment to off site learning and individual growth.

If YOU Fit the above Description, With or Without Experience. We Welcome Your Application.
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